Health Insurance can be complicated – do not hesitate to call us at 612-202-8703 if the information below does not answer one of your questions.

Our dietitians are typically in-network with these plans (as well as many open access plans, and some specific policies for other insurers):


-Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN (BCBS)


-UCare (Fairview plans can be tricky)


We strongly encourage all our clients to call their insurance agents to confirm in-network status, coverage specifics, and cost estimates. Depending on your plan, “in-network” status with our providers can still return significant client responsibility. We do not want any clients to have any surprises with billing.  

Most people are unaware that their insurance will cover nutritional counseling services in a warm, inviting atmosphere like ours. We provide an inviting, private, and personalized counseling experience with skilled, licensed professionals. You do not need a referral and you don’t need to wait.


Don’t have insurance or prefer to pay directly?  All of our dietitians accept private payment. Please request the provider-specific rate from our office. 


Insurance payments will come directly from your insurance company, typically you will not need to do anything. For client payments, we accept FSA, HSA and most credit cards, including American Express.